"Freestyle Rap Battle about butter" - Amy Poehler, Alan Thicke (aka. Paul F. Tompkins), Neil Campbell, Scott Aukerman
from "Poehler Ice Caps", ep. #245 of Comedy Bang Bang

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How the Human/Computer Interface Works

The long history of user interfaces spans the decades from the primitive punched-card days of the 1950s, through the typed command lines of the 1960s, to the familiar windows and icons of today and beyond.
Three factors work to both limit and enable human/computer interface development:
  • Computing Power: Increasingly powerful computer hardware enables more sophisticated software interactions.
  • The Imagination of Inventors: Software designers envision new interactions that take advantage of increasing computer power.
  • The Market: Driven by both large corporate customers and also super-popular  consumer gadgets like iPad.
A timeline of computer interface milestones here (via